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Messy and Masterful

Aug 18, 2022

The next Episode is one for the deep thinkers among us. I really enjoyed this interview and definitely would like to have this guest come back to our show many more times as he has the talent, experience and words to make us all properly reflect. 

Dr. Michael Vlerick is a Philosopher. Currently affiliated with Tilburg University in the Netherlands as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Science. 

He is an excellent lecturer, speaker and thinker and authored two very interesting books. His most recent book is called ‘Critical and Scientific Thinking: A Short Introduction’ and the ebook version of this book is freely available to download for everyone who is keen to get their brain juices flowing. 

I really enjoyed talking to Michael as he is one of those people who can make very complex things and matters sound very easy. Whenever I speak to people like Michael I feel the world is in very good hands - because there are people who actually get it.

We talk about the difference between thinking and critical thinking, writing books, meditation, ‘Philosophy for Dummies’ and how to achieve world peace. Just your regular podcast banter. 

So if you are interested in any of the above listen to this interview with Dr. Michael Vlerick - ‘The Philosopher’. 

You can download Michael’s book here:

More about Michael can be found here: