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Messy and Masterful

Dec 15, 2023

Our very last episode of the year analyses what makes us human beings happy. Aldo speaks to Dr. Michael Vlerick, our most listened to guest of 2023, about his new book ‘Why We Are Not Happier’ and what makes us tick in an era of negative news clickbait and social media depression.

We explore terms like ‘hedonic adaptation’ and ’negativity bias’ all carefully explained by this great philosopher who explains his reasons to publish his third book. 

Michael is an assistant professor in philosophy of science at Tilburg University and authored two previous books "De tweede vervreemding" and "Critical and Scientific Thinking”. He gives talks on topics such as global cooperation, critical thinking and happiness. 

For more on Michael you can go here:
You can purchase his latest book (in Dutch) here:
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